Acer freemanii 'Armstrong' - Armstrong Freeman's Maple | WB - Wirebasket

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Armstrong Freeman&

Acer freemanii 'Armstrong' - Armstrong Freeman's Maple | WB - Wirebasket

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Caliper (mm) 70MM WB

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Cultivated from a Freeman's Maple specimen in Ohio, US. Features a narrow, upright columnar growth habit and showy leaves that range from yellow, orange to red in the fall. It is an attractive hybrid of the Red Maple and Silver Maple that prefers acidic soils and will have some tolerance for drought once mature.

Most trees are sold by caliper size (mm), which measures the external diameter of the trunk, 6” up from the bottom of each tree in Aug-Sept.

Multi-stemmed shrubs and conifers that branch near the base are sold by height (cm) measured around the same time.

Plants are lifted out of the field and put into wirebaskets once weather permits and temperatures cool (in spring and fall) so trees are dormant for best results with transportation and planting.


  • Shade



  • Ontario Hybrid
  • Cultivar

Bloom Colour:

  • Green

Plants can be picked up here when plants are ready:

886 Norfolk County Hwy 24 W, St Williams, ON, Canada


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