Tree Planting 101

Tree Planting 101

Whether it's your first time planting or you need a refresher on the basics: 
  1. Upon receiving your trees, ideally plan to plant them soon after. For a short while, you can keep them in shade until ready to plant and water when dry. Plan where to plant your tree based on how much space it eventually will need.

  2. To plant, dig a hole 2x as wide as the pot, gently remove from the pot and place into the hole, and then fill, making sure the root collar (where roots meet the main stem) is about flush or just above the soil line. Gently pack soil around. Water well & immediately with planting.

  3. Afterwards, you can mulch - roughly 2 inches depth is good and no more than 4 inches - on the surface of the dug area. Be careful not to make mounds or get too close to the main stem. Many say to also leave a gap of at least 3 inches around young trees.

  4. Continue to check for water next few weeks, especially during dry spells with no rain. Fertilizer is generally not required, at least for some time until more established in the following years.
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