Why Biomes Plant Network

Welcome to Biomes Plant Network, where we are passionate about plants for the planet.

Based in Ontario, Canada. Our story starts with growers and our shared mission to help improve ease of access to more great plants. By establishing partnerships and providing the necessary tools to top local growers, we're working to bring you the best plants for you and the environment.

We understand that accessibility goes beyond availability: you may need guidance and support in selecting the right plants and creating sustainable landscapes. Our team and growing partners are well-versed in the subject matter and are here to provide expert advice tailored to your needs. Our partnerships also grant us access to the expertise and knowledge of these growers, who offer valuable insights into their cultivation and care.

We're driven by the belief that we must all plant consciously and carefully and we strongly encourage the use of native plants to support local biodiversity. Native plants play a vital role in supporting local wildlife, such as pollinators, birds, and other beneficial organisms. We also understand the answer to promoting native plants may not be native plants only all the time. We aim to help to supply other agricultural products that will compliment rather than impede on the nature that surrounds all of us.

Through promoting the use of native plants and supporting dedicated growers, we're committed to fostering a more sustainable and balanced way to grow and plant. Our team and our partners are committed to and actively contribute to the preservation and restoration of our natural ecosystems.