How to purchase in-field wirebasket trees


Rows of Autumn Blaze Maples in field

1. Shop Online & Place Preorders 

  • Browse Selection: Explore our range of trees, including coniferous and deciduous options, on the AB Tree Co. website. Add your chosen trees to your cart.
  • Place your pre-order: You are invited to submit an order to reserve stock at no cost until we contact you to confirm. 
    Note - As we scale up, tree order minimums apply. Online checkout is available with a 15% deposit for orders over $1k total value. 

2. Tree Viewing Eligibility

  • Schedule a Viewing: If your order meets the eligibility criteria, you can schedule a tree viewing session with our experts to assess the trees before finalizing your purchase.
  • Virtual Viewing (Eligible Orders): For eligible orders, schedule a virtual viewing session with our experts to view the trees and receive guidance.
  • In-Person Viewing for Bulk Orders: Tree viewing sessions are available exclusively for customers placing orders of more than 25 trees.

3. Waiting for Lift and Wire Basket

  • Trees are lifted from the field once temperatures cool and weather permits in during the fall to ensure the health and vitality of trees for transportation and planting:
    • Coniferous Trees: Coniferous trees will be lifted and wire basketed starting from mid-September. These trees will be available for purchase and delivery/pickup accordingly.
    • Deciduous Trees and Shrubs: Deciduous trees and shrubs will be lifted and wire basketed starting from mid-October. These trees and shrubs will be available for purchase and delivery/pickup accordingly.
  • Once the trees are lifted and wire basketed according to the specified schedule, we will contact you to confirm the delivery or pickup date. 
  • You may request a date by contacting our team. We will do our best to accommodate based on the species, items and quantities included in the order.

4. Confirm Final Orders

  • Finalize your order: Prior to lifting closer to once work is scheduled to begin, the team will review and confirm final numbers and order details. 
  • Payment options: To pay online, proceed to the checkout page, where you can provide your contact information, delivery/pickup preferences, and payment details. If you need more payment options, contact our office to arrange. We also accept cheque or cash.
  • Delivery or Pickup Scheduling: If opting for delivery, select a preferred delivery date. If opting for pickup, choose a suitable date and time slot.
    • Delivery: You have the option to choose delivery of the purchased trees to your specified address. Please provide accurate delivery details during the checkout process.
    • Pickup: Alternatively, you can choose to pick up your purchased trees from our designated pickup location. Please select a convenient date and time for pickup during the checkout process.


Please review terms and conditions for more information.