Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' - Waterlily Star Magnolia | WB - Wirebasket

Waterlily Star Magnolia  - Magnolia stellata &

Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' - Waterlily Star Magnolia | WB - Wirebasket

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Height (cm) Pots 5-GAL
- Typically grows 15-20 feet tall, forming a spreading, rounded crown, but can also be cultivated as a large oval to rounded shrub. - The star-shaped white flowers, each adorned with 12-18 narrow strap-like tepals, grace the tree, creating a beautiful display. - The specific epithet "stellata" is in reference to the star-like shape of the flower, adding to its allure. - The cultivar 'Waterlily' exhibits slightly larger flowers with more numerous tepals, sometimes up to 36, giving them a waterlily-like appearance. - Throughout the growing season, the tree displays attractive obovate to narrow-elliptic dark green leaves. - During the fall season, offers a range of colors from gold to brownish-yellow for fall foliage. - As the growing season comes to an end, greenish pods containing red seeds develop, splitting open in fall to disperse the seeds, adding further interest to the tree's appearance.

Most trees are sold by caliper size (mm), which measures the external diameter of the trunk, 6” up from the bottom of each tree in Aug-Sept.

Multi-stemmed shrubs and conifers that branch near the base are sold by height (cm) measured around the same time.

Plants are lifted out of the field and put into wirebaskets once weather permits and temperatures cool (in spring and fall) so trees are dormant for best results with transportation and planting.


  • Full-sun
  • Partial-sun



  • Asia
  • Cultivar

Bloom Colour:

  • White
  • Pink