Quercus rubra - Red Oak | WB - Wirebasket

Red Oak  - Quercus rubra  | Deciduous Tree from ABTrees

Quercus rubra - Red Oak | WB - Wirebasket

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Caliper (mm) 35MM WB
- Typically found east of Lake Superior, and across central and southern Ontario - It’s a dominant species in many forest communities so this tree needs room to grow with full sun as it gets older and will provides cover for a wide variety of birds and mammals - Provides great fall colour, with leaves turning russet to bright red - Acorns are an important food source for many birds and mammals

Most trees are sold by caliper size (mm), which measures the external diameter of the trunk, 6” up from the bottom of each tree in Aug-Sept.

Multi-stemmed shrubs and conifers that branch near the base are sold by height (cm) measured around the same time.

Plants are lifted out of the field and put into wirebaskets once weather permits and temperatures cool (in spring and fall) so trees are dormant for best results with transportation and planting.


  • Full-sun



  • Ontario

Bloom Colour:

  • Green