Virgin's Bower - Clematis virginiana | Pots // Native plants

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Virgin's Bower - Clematis virginiana | Pots // Native plants

Note: Larger pots (2gal+) may require special delivery for local area addresses or pickup by appointment later in June. We will provide timing and more details to follow. For more help, please contact us.

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Size/Format Pots 1-GAL

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- This species needs to be planted where it can climb - Flowers last about a month - Seed heads become "fluffy" in late August and can be seen on plant throughout the winter
Ideal is to have "feet in the shade and tops in the sun"
  • Partial-sun



Ships from: StWilliamsNursery&EcologyCentre

As we grow, opt for 1-Gal or 4-inch Pots for quicker order processing. Larger 2-Gal pots may take longer to arrive, possibly needing pickup by appointment or special delivery. We plan to introduce more shipping options in various Ontario regions over time.